African Infrastructure Projects – Feb Update

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Here is commentary on some of the latest Infrastructure projects that have recently had financial disbursements made available.


Gets U.S.$150 Million Loan to Construct 4-Lane Expressway

The Minister of Finance Matia Kasaija  has signed a $150 million loan from the African Development Bank towards the construction of the Busega-Mpigi 4-Lane expressway.

The project will involve construction of 4 major interchanges to facilitate interconnection with roads at designated locations including Nabbingo, Nsangi, Maya and Lungala, construction of 20km of link/service roads, and the construction of 8km of auxiliary lanes.

As part of the project, the road which connects Uganda to Rwanda and Tanzania will see rehabilitation of Kagitumba – Kayonza- Rusumo road (208km) in the eastern part of Rwanda.

The Ugandan section will cover construction of the Busega – Mpigi (23.7km) four lane express way, supervision consultancy services, quality assurance, financial and technical audits, studies and institutional support, in addition to compensation of project affected persons (PAPs).

According to Uganda National Roads Authority, the current state of the two lane Busega- Mpigi road is congested especially between Busega and Mpigi with over 26,000 vehicles per day.

Construction of 359 kilometer Pangale to Mpanda road to tarmac level funded by African Development Bank (AfDB) will speed up economic growth in Tabora and Katavi regions.


 Road Construction to Spur Growth, Development in Tabora

Tanzania Regional Roads Agency (TanRoad) Tabora Regional Manager Mr Damian Ndabalinze said the road will open up new investment opportunities to benefit the surrounding societies and the economy. He said the implementation of the road project will also involve bees keeping activities in the regions.

Mr Ndabalinze said modern standards will be put into practice while supporting bee keeping projects in Tabora- Sikonge and Mlele-Mpanda to Katavi Region. Mr Ndabalinze mentioned other road projects under construction like the 28 kms Urambo-Kaliua road to be executed by three local contractors.

Other road projects are 40 kms Kaliua- Kazelambwa, Kazelambwa-Chagu with the tenders to be published soon. He said the government is still looking for funds to construct the 172 kms Ipole Rungwa road.

The 85.4 kms Nyahua- Chaya road will ge funding from Kuwait government. Transport infrastructure investments lead to changes in generalized transport costs, via shorter distances or higher speeds, which give rise to reductions in fuel, capital and labour costs.

Such changes will have impacts in the transport system in the form of mode choice, choice of time of day and the generation and attraction of trips per zone. It is widely believed that the reduction in generalized transport costs lead to an increase in productivity in firms.


Contractors Pledge Speedy, Quality Work As City Roads Construction Start

Officials from the firm hired to supervise works on the expansion of Kigali city roads have committed to finish in time to avoid prolonged inconveniences to road users and also ensure quality work.

The roads expansion project is set to cover about 54 kilometres, mainly targeting expanding roads to a dual carriage way with two lanes on each side.

Chinese firm, China Road Bridge Corporation, has been contracted to do the work.

The city has hired HYCOGEC Consultant Ltd to supervise construction works and officials said technical specifications for the contractors to follow are already in place and they are ready to ensure all the requirements are met.

“We are here to do daily supervision to ensure that all technical specifications the contractors agreed on with the clients are met,” said Eng. David Nkurunziza, the supervisor from the consultant firm.

“Our work is to ensure that the contractor does quality work, this is a huge project and the money being used is a loan and should be well-spent,” he added


K1m for Solwezi-Mushindano Road Rehab Released

THE Government has released K1million for the rehabilitation of the Solwezi-Mushindano Road in North-Western Province.

Provincial Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo said the road was of economic importance as it connected the country to the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, but had been in a poor state for a long time.

Mr Mateyo said in an interview that the State had engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to carry out the roadworks.

He said the works on most affected areas would commerce in a few weeks’ time and was happy that the Government had released the money and

hoped the project would be completed on time so as not to inconvenience road users.

“The previous governments turned a blind eye on rehabilitating the road but the Patriotic Front (PF) Government under the leadership of

President Edgar Lungu has shown that it has the heart for the people of North-Western Province,” Mr Mateyo said.He said the construction of township roads would also commerce as soon it stopped raining.

Mr Mateyo said preparations for constructing and rehabilitating the roads had already been completed.

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