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Nurseries and farms in the horticulture and floriculture market are seeing the light.

With LED technology now a reliable and robust solution, the technology is beginning to show increased plant growth yields as manufacturers adopt light recipes that are able to control plant growth perfectly throughout the entire year using hybrid lighting systems. LED lamps tend to have long life, generate less waste heat and provide the potential for creating a perfect spectrum for plant growth.

In the vegetable and fruit market where high wire vegetables, leafy vegetables, herb and soft fruit are grown, Nurseries in Europe are using LED lighting technology to complement natural light as well as creating the required spectrum and intensity that the fruit and vegetables need to grow.

GLX Range


The light recipes in conjunction with various optic configuration used in these nurseries are improving both quality and yield throughout the year for the farmers. The grow lights being used help distributed light evenly over the entire plant, and as a result, the leaves in the centre and at the bottom of the plant are able to grow more.

South African based lighting manufacturer ProVisual has launched the GLX range of Horticultural LED Luminaries designed to meet international standards in safety and durability with unsurpassed crop results in a small form factor.

Using some of the leading horticultural specific LEDs in the world and OSRAM’s Opto LEDs with solid thermal management, they have extended the expected life span of the GLX Luminaries for the African climate.


ProVisual Grow Llights GLX Range


The improved energy use, efficiency and reduced heat production make it possible to also position the lamps closer to the plants, offering new opportunities for plant production.

The GLX range is designed to be powerful, yet compact, with ease of installation in mind. The standard bracket is connected with a sliding rail to accommodate any rack configuration. The cable connectors are all automotive grade IP67 rated. Custom mounting brackets can be ordered if needed. The power supply is mounted remotely to avoid additional heat load on the grow chamber HVAC system.

For distribution opportunities of the Pro Visual range of LED luminaires outside South Africa, please contact Walter Mech for further information

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