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In this article we take a look at cost effective, energy efficient LED technology that is suited to the African climatic conditions. LED industrial lighting technologies are being used in the latest African infrastructure projects to ensure a return on investment by minimising energy bills, and gaining the maximum life expectancy form the Luminaries.

High bays, low bays and floodlights are industry standard terms for the more heavy duty types of light fitting. We will outline the main differences and uses below.

ProVisual which is manufactured in South Africa have combined leading German manufacturer, OSRAM Opto LEDs with solid thermal management, this series of luminaries have an extended expected life span. Furthermore, with the removal of many moving parts, they have managed to ensure an extremely high quality durable product range.

High bay LED Solutions

These state of the art South African manufactured products are designed to be used in very tall ceiling areas (approximately 8m and greater) to provide well distributed and uniform light for open areas such as gas stations and warehouses.

The key element of the fitting which will help guarantee the correct light output is the reflectors and optics used by the fitting. A particular consideration for use with a high bay is if it can light vertical surfaces as well as it can illuminate the floor, or working plane. Lighting of verticals is particularly important when dealing with warehouses where items are required to be picked from a shelf.

Low bay LED Solutions

These work in much the same way as a high bay, but will be best suited to lower mounting heights. The main differences will be in the lamp types selected and the types of reflectors and optics used. Low bay LED solutions typically installed 5m or lower.

LED Flood lights Solution

The floodlight solution is a very versatile method of illuminating areas where a conventional mounting arrangement may not be an option. The flood light will have an asymmetric throw of light which can be angled into the space to be lit. Care and consideration of glare should be taken when designing with floodlights, due to the brightness of the fitting and the fact it may be angled close to horizontal.

Infra Red LEDS

As IR illuminators have several advantages over other night vision technologies, they have merged as the most in demand among a wide range of industries and businesses. Apart from being cost-effective as compared to other options, IR illuminators also offer better quality as they can perform high-speed video capture; see through darkness, mist, fog, rain and snowfall etc; and eliminate the inconsistency of ambient light. As the market has a growing demand for these, Pro Visual brings a range of IR illuminators along with LED light and other professional lighting solutions for security and surveillance.

The key to becoming a successful supplier to African infrastructure projects is to have your product represented by credible distributors and resellers who have the necessary knowledge and backup service. The African Business Alliance has the necessary network and expertise to take your product into Africa. . For more information on the distribution or resell of the ProVisual range of industrial lighting solution contact the African Business Alliance for details.

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